While government-to-government relations and the relationship between the ruling parties of the African countries and that of China has matured, the relationships at people to people level still needs to be further strengthened. The formation of the African-Chinese People’s Friendship Association (ACPFA) was conceptualized and initiated by Dabing Chen, a Chinese South African being dedicated to promote cultural exchange and people to people relations between Africa and China ever since he relocated to Africa in 1991. A group of influential diplomats, government officials, entrepreneurs and prominent figures from across Africa and China have since endorsed the initiative and joined hands to support this not for profit organization and have become its founding members. The organization is headquartered in the beautiful Cape Town with offices to be developed in other parts of Africa.



ACPFA – From Cape Town to Cairo, From Africa to China and From China to Africa, From me to you and from you to me, We start little by little to develop and share sustainable people to people relations between the people of Africa and the people of China.